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We're so excited to have JoAnn Gregoli, owner of Elegant Occasions, blogging on our site. JoAnn is the co-author of The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings with Carley Roney and has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Check back often to get her tips and advice on planning a destination wedding!

about our featured blogger

CR Luxury Vacation Properties & Tours, located in Los Sueños Resort in Herradura Costa Rica, is a reputable wedding planning company dedicated to creating your dream wedding. Heading the CR Luxury wedding team is Aura Luisa Mora. Aura has been working as a special events coordinator and wedding specialist for over 11 years, and with extensive knowledge of the country, venues and vendors, Aura and her team will insure a hassle free, amazing destination wedding experience.

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Questions to Ask When Picking: Videography

Videography, also known as Cinematography, is a method of moving pictures telling a story. Be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Check to see if you can find their videos on Vimeo.com (this is sort of like Youtube but meant for more edited works). Most videographers post their newer videos on there.
  2. How many cameras will you have on the day? How many assistants?
  3. How early will you arrive at the ceremony to set up the equipment?
  4. Will you bring backup equipment?
  5. How soon can I see the final cut?
  6. What will your attire be?
  7. Is my wedding the only wedding being shot that day? This question is super important. Sometimes the people you meet with may not be the people who will be shooting your wedding...
  8. How will you capture sound during the ceremony? Will I need to wear a wireless mic?
  9. Can I select the music for the final cut?
  10. Can you install a stationary camera in an area where your presence isn't interfering with the ceremony?
  11. What type of cameras do you shoot with?
  12. Do you shoot any super 8 film? (if this is important to you)
  13. How long is the typical final edited version? There is a trend now where the final versions are not 20 minutes long and they are more like 10 minutes long. Don't panic. Many videographers include full toasts and ceremony on the same DVD or another DVD.
This should help you in the interview process! Happy Wedding Picking :)

Destination Weddings: Why Marry Away?

In the past, marrying away from home usually meant eloping. The couple would steal away in the night to flee family disapproval or expectations and tie the knot on their own terms. Today, the idea has shed its stigma and a growing number of couples are hightailing it away from the traditional formal...read more

Posted Tuesday 6/10/2008


Destination Weddings: Getting Started

Thinking about planning a far-flung celebration? Here are the top tips to pull off a flawless destination wedding. 1. First Things FirstChoose a location based on your wedding style and nonnegotiable guest list (if any). Unlike a hometown affair, you can't assume everyone will be able to spend the money...read more

Posted Tuesday 6/10/2008


Destination Weddings: Tips on Importing Your Pros

Whenever possible, choose local florists, musicians, and caterers. But for more control over services like photography and video, consider flying in a professional. Here are a few details to anticipate:Be prepared for the added expense. You'll be expected to pay for airfare, transfers, meals, and hotel...read more

Posted Tuesday 6/10/2008


Destination Weddings: Who Pays for What?

So you're having a destination wedding. Now come the questions: Do the bride and groom pay for everything? What about hotel rooms and airfare for the guests? Here's an easy checklist to help you decide who pays for what.The bride and groom (and/or their parents) are expected to pay for:The wedding reception...read more

Posted Tuesday 6/10/2008


Destination Weddings: Planning Your Site Visits

The One-trip PlanWhen to go: 8 to 10 months outHow long to stay: At least 3 daysWhat to do: Pick your placePick your location ASAP. Do your homework before you go and visit no more than three venues. Try to make the final decision by the end of the first day.Check out various ceremony and reception...read more

Posted Tuesday 6/10/2008



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